Marketing is very crucial when you want to put your services and products out there in your desired market and to your target audience/customers. It also helps in the growth of your business, depending on the plans + strategies you use to put your business out there.

When it comes to marketing, it can be very competitive especially if you are in an industry that is highly saturated with your product or service. So,it is very crucial to have unique and purposeful marketing plan and strategies in place that will help you grow your business and establish your authority in your desired market.

Why unique strategies? So as to set yourself apart from your competitors and show your target audience that you are worth it.

Why a purposeful marketing plan? Because you need a reason as to why you exist and how you are going to make your audience believe in you, your products and services too.

Public relations in simple terms, is the way you communicate with the public and the media. Most companies get it wrong when it comes to their communication methods to their target audience and online too. You need strategies set in place and how to deliver those strategies to the market, whether online or in person.

And that is what I do here at FireBear Creative. I help creatives and micro-entrepreneurs like you  start, brand and grow their businesses by creating strategic brand identity design and marketing plan so that you can be able to have an impactful brand that wows your clients all the time and sets you apart from the rest,not just visually but emotionally too.

I will help you strategize an effective marketing plan so that you can achieve your marketing goals.


  • You are struggling to grow your brand + business

  • Struggling to establish your authority in the market

  • You just can’t seem to get it right with your customers. You want to create that beautiful client-customer relationship and it is just a real struggle.

  • Looking for someone to help you in growing your business through strategic marketing plans set in place specifically for YOU.

  • You seriously want to grow your business and looking for someone equally serious to help you achieve this.



Social media strategy + Management

+ What it entails

  • Comprehensive research on your market
  • Social media strategy on your Instagram and Pinterest marketing
  • Marketing plan creation
  • Branded social media pages + graphics after strategizing
  • Social Media management - Pinterest only.


Project Timeline: 4-6 weeks

In this digital age, social media should be part of your marketing arsenal if you want maximum growth of your business and  reach to your target audience. We will strategise on what social media platforms work for you best and how you will be able to utilize it to the fullest.

Brand Strategy + Management

Project Timeline: 2-6 weeks

+ What it entails

  • Comprehensive research on your market so that we can establish waht works best for your spsecific industry
  • Brand Strategy creation
  • Brainstorming of products and services offerings that work best for your brand
  • Brand Management in terms of managing your products or services creation


Having and managing a brand can be super overwhelming. Planning marketing strategies to help grow your business, brainstorming strategies on how,where and why to offer new products or services to your market, what is trending in your current market/industry? How to keep up with all the trends and strategies you plan to implement in your brand to help in the growth of your business?

These are some of the questions you will find yourself asking as you look to grow your business. Putting them to work can be an overwhelming process and very time consuming.

But, I am here to help you every step of the way. We will get to work together as a team, brainstorming and strategizing all there is to grow your business.

The Design Process

*Click here to find out more about the marketing process

Client On-boarding

After filling the contact form and getting back to you, we will begin with a consultation call and a project proposal to see if we are a good fit. Once you approve the proposal, a personalized contract will be sent to you together with an invoice for the first deposit or full deposit, whichever you choose.

Brand Discovery

In order to establish your specific marketing needs and goals, I will need more information concerning your business. We will do this through a brand + marketing questionnaire you will have to fill.


In this phase, I will use the information gathered from the first two phases and create your marketing plan. Don’t worry, you will get to review and approve all the ideas that I will present to you.

Launch Day

Yay! Your marketing plan is now done and you will be able to receive your all the strategies and any other materials after paying the final deposit. You will get a one hour 1-on-1 marketing walk through to get you to understand how to use the plans + startegies set in place and 3-months support in case of any problems that may arise.



+ How long does it take to work on a project with me?

My timeline is between 2-24 weeks. Please note that this depends on the project. For example, a brand identity project can take around two- four weeks to create while web design + development can take up to eight weeks to create. Your timely communication throughout the process allows for smoother and faster design experience.

+ How will we be able to communicate?

Throughout the whole project, we will use the project management tool Asana to discuss and send project files. For consultations, we will use Zoom and Daily.Co.(Don't worry. You don't have to lift a fonger to use these tools. They are super easy to navigate to. Communication will be every week because I want you to be involved as much as possible.

+ What website platform do you work with?

I work with Squarespace, for now. I love Squarespace since it is super easy to work with and I am familiar with this platform.

+ What is your payment plan?

You can either pay in full or in two installments. The first installment is before the start of your project and to reserve a spot in my calendar. The second installment is due upon receiving your final files after the end of the project. Please note that you will only get your project's files after paying in full.

+ Do you offer custom design services?

Yes, of course! Just send me your special request via the contact form or my work email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that prices may vary from the normal prices as well as the timeline. Don’t worry though, I will make the process as seamless as possible for you.

+ Am a business newbie, is that okay?

Most definitely. I believe that any business should (and it is very important) have professional branding, whether established or just starting out. I will help you every step of the way to suit your business needs.

Let’s get to know your business