7 resources that'll make you better at colors.

How I love colors! In branding, it is one of the most important parts of creating your brand identity. This is because people will get to identify you by your unique brand colors.

There is a whole lot of handful of resources that will help you with your color journey.

Here are some of the best resources I have found to be helpful when you look to learn and use colors!


This is a web based platform that helps you generate colors. All you have to do is click the space bar and beautiful color palettes will generate for you. It also has an app in both the Google Play Store and App store, but you have to buy it. You can do a whole lot of stuff here like generate colors from a photo, change the hue of the color etc. When you are a new user, you will go through a simple tutorial to understand how Coolors work. So, don't worry about it being so complicated to work with!:)



Adobe Color CC

It has got to be the most used resource for color by designers. It's easy to use(at least for me) and it is very organized, which I like very much. Though,I do find it annoying to use at times because of adjusting the colors .. But check it out if you love organized things and have some experience in design. It has an app too,Adobe Capture CC, which you will find in the App store and Google Play Store.

adobe color

adobe color.jpg

Canva Colors

This has got to be my most favorite resources for colors! It has an educative resource library about colors including how to pair different colors,what the colors mean,how to blend colors in your design,color palettes for inspiration and a whole lot more.

Canva did a good job in this site and you'll walk away knowing the  basics and a good understanding of colors.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will see when you land on their site:

canva color meanings example.png

Canva Color Palette Generator

I find this tool by Canva to be very helpful when you want to generate a color palette from a photo.

Here is a step by step process on how to use canva color palette generator

  1. Log on to the website and click the upload an image button

  2. Select the photo that you want to generate colors from

  3. Wait for Canva to do its magic

  4. And voila! You have your beautiful color palette.

The only downside to this tool is that you cannot adjust the colors by yourself.

canva color palette generator.png


I love this tool especially since it makes my work easier as a designer. This tool helps you generate colors from the web on any website that you visit. Think of it as a color picker tool like the one found in most design apps like Adobe products. The only difference is that ColorZilla is for picking colors from web pages. When you hover the color picker on the web page,it picks out the color  with it's hex codes and RGB and you can even adjust the colors to your own liking.

You can find ColorZilla as a web extension in the Chrome extensions store.

HTML Color Codes

This is my second favourite tool!!! Two words: beautiful and awesome. HTML color codes has a lot of color resources that are very helpful. You can create your own color palettes through the color picker, search the major names of colors or even find your favorite colors from the color chart!

Its capabilities are amazing and that is what I like about it.

The best feature of this website is that you can generate your color palette and get the end result in many formats such as HTML and CSS. You also get the RGB, CMYK and HEX codes of your color palettes.

So if you are a developer/designer this tool will be your best friend!

Just looking to learn about color tips? You can check their resource page where you will find helpful guides on matters concerning design.

html color codes.png


Khroma is also one of my favourite tools! It’s userface is so modern and easy to navigate.It is an AI based platform. When you create an account, you have to choose 50 set of colors as a basis and then you will be led to a page with LOTS of colors to choose from!

If you love the certain palette provided for you, just hover over the item and select from either options which are Favorite, Swap Colors and Details. When you choose details, a pop up with the color name, HEX Code and RGB is provided. Click on them so they can be copied to your clipboard.

They also have color gradients, pulling color from images, etc. You’ve got to try it to see how awesome it is.

The above tools are the ones that I tend to use and refer back to all the time when working with colors. I highly recommend that you try them out.


Let me know what other tools you use that you find have been really helpful when working with colors.