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Welcome to FireBear Creative, a Brand Identity Design studio based in Nairobi,Kenya. I help businesses start and grow by creating beautiful, unique and purposeful brands + identity systems for creatives and micro-entrepreneurs that work for their business.

I know how hard it is to start,brand and grow a business, I’ve been there.

Sound Familiar?

  • Are you a blogger, creative designer or owner of a small or medium business looking for ways on how to start, brand and grow your business?

  • Is it your dream to have a successful business through unique branding, identity systems and strategies that will make your brand cohesive and consistent?

  • Do you wish to have a beautiful, unique and purposeful branding that work for your brand and best defines you and your business?

  • Are you struggling to start, brand and grow your business?

  • Or you just looking to re-brand?

Well, good news! I got you covered.

My mission is to help creatives and micro-entrepreneurs start, brand and grow beautiful,unique and purposeful businesses.

I believe that no business can succeed fully without having a beautiful, unique and purposeful brand identity systems set in place.

How I can help you?

  • Start and build your brand from scratch and establish all the necessary identity systems that will help you start your business the right way.

  • Grow your business by creating brand plans + marketing strategies that will establish what you need to do to grow you business and set up identity systems that will suite your business + brand.

  • Make your brand cohesive + consistent by establishing what is wrong with your brand(especially if re-branding) and create the right identity systems for you in order to start seeing growth in your business.

What’s in it for you?

  • A beautiful, unique and purposeful brand that best defines you and your business, will wow your clients/customers and sets you apart from the rest.

  • Your business life will be more organized meaning no more stress for you(because we all know having a failing brand is bad for your business) and you will be more productive and goal-oriented because your brand finally works for you+ your ideal client/customers.

  • You will see growth in your business because you will have put in place systems + guidelines that will help you better manage + market your business.

So You Ready To Build A Beautiful, Unique And Purposeful Brand?

FireBear Creative’s Values

+ Authenticity

I believe that every business should strive to truly be who they are as a brand anad reflect that in eveerything that they do. Here at FireBear Creative, I am true to my words and services that I offer to my clients.

+ Purpose

The reason for which my brand exists is so as to help creatives and micro-entrepreneurs see the importance of having a brand and the real impact they can make with their business. My determination is to help them build brands that makes them feel fulfilled in achieving their purpose in their respective field and world too.

My social purpose is to help businesses give their customers/clients a good business experience through their brand that leaves them feeling happy and satisfied. To give that customer /client experience that will leave them mesmerized and grateful from their brand experience with you. That is what I strive to do here and teach my clients to do so too.

+ Beauty

To me,beauty isn’t just what you see, but what you experience. My goal is to always create beautiful brands that give people beautiful experiences.

What is a beautiful experience? It is that impactful feeling that your brand makes in someone’s life that makes them to never forget you. that makes them talk about your brands and what you do and offer. That memorable experience that makes a differenc in your client’s/customer’s life.

+ Uniqueness

In a world where we tend to copy other people for whatever reasons, it is fundamental to be unique. Set yourslef apart from the rest. When I started my business, I struggled with this sometimes. But I learnt over time to always be yourself because we are all unique in different ways. That is what I incorporate into my services and products so that I can offer you a remarkable service and product. For clients that choose to work with me, I create unique brand identity designs for them so that they can also offer remarkable experiences, goods and products to their respective market.

+ Creativity

In my service and product offerings, I infuse my imagination and ideas while crafting them, the end result being something creative. During my design process, I draft natural designs on pen and paper, then later refines them digitally. That means that I research thoroughly on the project assigned to me which enables me to create a detail-oriented and critically thought brand identity design.

Who am I anyway?

Hello! Am Brendah Akoth and am the founder and Designer at fireBear Creative.

FireBear Creative was formed out of my love for design, most especially the branding sector.

I love serving the world by creating beautiful, unique and purposeful brands for creatives and micro-entrepreneurs so that they can be able to start and grow their businesses. I also love to teach my fellow designers what I’ve learned over the few years on matters of design, PR, and Marketing via my blog.

Most days you can find me binge-watching on YouTube videos(though my tastes vary), doing research on my business or just in bed chilling or reading the Bible.

The things am most passionate about in life are design, art, music, and coding.