What we do

These services are available for add-on to my other services. But you can still choose one of the following if that is what you only need for your brand + business. Prices for these services depend on your project timeline, speed and needs. You will get the full price after scheduling and attending your free consultation.

E-book design


Do you know that moment when you are creating an e-book as an opt-in or for sale and you are in need of good design and development of it? I’ve got you covered! All you need is to have your e-book copy and I will do the rest.

Squarespace Set up

Project Timeline: 4 weeks

Need help setting up Squarespace and navigating through the platform? I can help you with that. At a small fee, we get to walk together every step of the way of your Squarespace journey.

website design mockup.jpg

+ What it entails

  • 5-page installation of your choice
  • A comprehensive guide of Squarespace platform
  • Tools set up
  • 10% off your first year/month of Squarespace
  • Limited web design (You won't get the complete web design package I offer. To get that, you can choose my other branding and web design packages.)
  • 4 weeks project timeline(but depends on your speed of work)
  • General set up of website- domain connection and 3rd party app integrations
  • SEO and mobile optimization

Business automation

Project Timeline: Depends on the type of tool you want for your business

Finding yourself spending too much time on your business without actually getting a lot done? Well, guess what?! You can actually run your business without it running you via business automation. We will strategize together on how to automate your business so you can focus on other important things in your life.


+ What it entails

Automation tools set up for

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook.

Tools for your workflow experience. Need tools for:

  • client management,
  • blogging or
  • whatever it is that you need?

I got you. Just tell me what is that you need and I'll help you find the rights tools for your business and set it up for you.

I have vast knowledge of automation tools for almost all types of businesses in different industries.

Packaging Design

Project Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Are you a product-based business looking for package designs solutions? Looking to have beautiful, unique and functional package design to elevate your brand?

This package is perfect for you.

packaging cosmetics.png

+ What it entails

  • Comprehensive research of your market
  • Custom Brand Identity on your packaging to suite your brand
  • Content Input Design e.g images, written copy, required marks e.g barcodes, nutrition information
  • Custom stickers and labels
  • Style board inspiration for your packaging design
  • Printing of your designs

Social Media Styling

Project Timeline: 2-4 weeks

This package is perfect for creatives and micro-entrepreneurs looking to have beautiful and unique themed social media profile.

+ What it entails

  • Custom design templates for Instagram,FaceBook, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Patterns and textures for use in your designs
  • Comprehensive questionnare to establish your brand style
  • Style guide for your templates
  • Inspiration moodboard creation